Train To Busan 2 Peninsula is the most awaited Korean zombie movie, which is a sequel to the smash-hit Train To Busan. The movie is directed by Yeon Sang-ho and is titled Peninsula under the production house of Next Entertainment World.

Train To Busan 2 Peninsula

The story plot of Peninsula is based on a fighter and his group fight crowds of dystopian zombies in the badlands of the Korean Peninsula. All we have now is the teaser released over the internet which is really impressive and brings the post-apocalyptic zombie movie to life.

Train to Busan which was a prequel to Peninsula grossed $93.1 million worldwide and was a movie that became the highest-grossing Korean film in Hong Kong, Malaysia, & Singapore. In Train to Busan, we saw a father-daughter growing relationship and a father sacrifices his life to save his only daughter. The movie was iconic and had an emotional touch.

Train to Busan 2 Peninsula is a movie that has built to high expectations and has become one of the most awaited movies of 2020. You can see the teaser with us on Youtube.

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